Commercial Laundry Providers Are Focused on Infection Prevention

images (1)Infection prevention is the number one concern in hospitals today. At any given time, 5 percent of patients are forced to extend their stay or become gravely ill because of infections they contract while in the hospital. Naturally, healthcare providers are doing their best to reduce the rate of infection, but they cannot do it alone. Fortunately, many medical facilities have a powerful ally in their fight against infections: their commercial laundry providers.

Textiles Can Contaminate

Considering that a patient’s critical care environment can consist of up to 90% soft materials, the role of a commercial healthcare linen launderer is a crucial one in the battle of infection prevention. Textiles are some of the first things a patient comes in contact with while in a healthcare facility, and they are some of the most likely to spread infections and contaminants to the patient. Even if your disinfecting protocol leaves every stable soft surface in a room sterile, you must consider that doctors, nurses, other patients, and visitors can carry contaminates on their clothing and transfer them to your patients. Though you can’t sterilize everyone who enters your doors, a commercial laundry provider can start you off with clean linens and help to maintain them so that you can prevent healthcare-associated contamination.

Super-Powered Disinfectant

In addition to blasting your healthcare linens with high heat that tends to kill most microbial threats, most commercial launderers use high powered laundry disinfectants that can kill within 0.001 percent of the top pathogens that your hospital is concerned might spread. By using these impressive disinfectants, your commercial laundry service is able to kill more potential infections than even an in-house team could.

Infection Prevention from First to Last

Your healthcare laundry provider is obsessed with infection prevention, and has set up their entire operation around this concept. Their process starts with the initial sanitation of your medical linens, and then continues throughout the entire life cycle of your textiles. They sanitize at every step, sanitizing their laundry carts, conveyor belts, delivery trucks, and your storage facilities. This obsessive sanitation ensures that your textiles are completely sterile when your staff and patients finally encounter them. Your medical laundry service will also provide sanitary disposal areas for used linens throughout your hospital so that staff can easily remove used, dirty, ripped, or damaged textiles and send them on their way to be cleaned, repaired, or replaced.